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It's already the 4th day in February month and my birthday is coming soon eeep! January went too fast I just had no idea how it went. How did time flies so damn fast? I still remember the day I celebrated NYE in the hostel with my friends and surrounded by books and snacks. Was it counted as a celebration? lol. Anyway, January was awesome and I had fabulous time during the entire month. Can't describe how happy I am for having this chance to spend my semester break with relish. I have only one week left to occupy my residue.

January 24, 2017

Me and my long lost matrik's friends were having a sleepover at Nikki's. It was fun to catch up with them about life and studies. I miss them already..We didn't see each other that much and so we had planned to go for a trip in our next semester break and I really hope it will happen. On the next day, we went to Mid Valley Megamall to watch Allied (omg I swear this movie is good) and had our lunch.

January 27, 2017

Me, my sister, my cousin and my boyfriend went to watch Sepahtu Reunion at Ampang. It was a great show btw. I got the tickets from Astro (if you guys wondering). They don't sell the tickets.

January 29, 2017

Another day spent well with my friends from high school. We went to IOI City Mall just to try the desert at Perfume Dance Cafe. The restaurant was so beautiful and enchanting I feel like I was in a fancy English Restaurant. The dessert is so tasteful and mouthwatering.

My tooth gap is pretty obvious there

January 30, 2017

Me and my family went for a one day trip to Port Dickson. It had been a long time I didn't came here. Right after we checked in, we went out for lunch and went straight to PD Extreme Park to play Go-Kart, Paintball and Archery. This is a must-visit-place whenever we come to PD. The next day, we stopped by at granny's before headed home.

lol I look like a potato

February 4, 2017

Which is today! lol. This morning my boyfriend and I went to Taman Eco Rimba in Bukit Nanas, KL. The view was breathtaking. The best part in Taman Eco Rimba is the canopy walk. You can see the magnificent forest view in the middle of the city. How amazing!

How was your previous days went? I hope you had an incredible time like I did xx

Recent Things (4)

Hi guys! In this post, I will share to you guys about how I take care of my contact lenses; how I put them in, how to get them out and how I wash them. I have been wearing contact lenses since I was fourteen. I was so annoyed with my specs because I wore tudung (scarf) at school and my hair always came out from my scarf. You know when you wear spectacles, then ada lubang kat celah tudung tu and there you go rambut terkeluar. Sangat rimas okay. If you had faced the same problem like I did, then you know the real struggle.

If you guys wondering, my actual power for my right eye is 700 and left eye is 600. But my spectacle power is only 600 for the right and 500 for the left. This is because I can't wear the exact power with spectacles. I will feel dizzy due to the high power. So the optometrist suggested me to lower down my specs power so that I will feel less dizzy and more comfortable. This sounds wacko because my actual power, my spectacles power and contact lenses power are totally different.

My current contact lenses power is now 550 for the right and 450 for the left. A little advice for me here, don't wear the same power for contact lenses as your specs. Because contact lenses are nearer to your eyes so the vision will be more sharp which will cause you dizziness. But it is somehow depends on the person itself. If you are not used to wear with different powers, then just proceed with what you're wearing now.

Put In The Contact Lenses.

1. Washing your hands with soap.

This is one crucial step that you cannot missed. You have to eliminate the bacteria in your hands first before inserting the contact lenses because eyes are so sensitive. After that, dry your hand with a clean cloth/towel. (This is an option). I normally skip this step because I'm afraid that my towel is not sanitary enough.

2. Wear the contacts. 

What I do before put them in my eyes is, once I take them out from the case, I rinse them off first. And then, take your contacts and gently put them in your eyes. Put the contacts that has higher power first. As for me, I put my right contact first. This is to make you see easily and less blurry when you want to put the contact lens for your next eye. And you are done!

3. Bring an eye drop

This is also an option. Some people may feel dryness in their eyes due to hours of wearing contact lenses. I always bring an eye drop with me wherever I go because I may need it later to freshen up my dry eyes and re-wet my contact lenses.

It is from Bausch + Lomb re-nu Multiplus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops for soft contact lenses

Get The Contact Lenses Out.

1. Washing your hands.

Also, the same important step that you cannot missed!

2. Take them off 

You can either rinse them first before store them in the case or place them just like that. Because of my contact lenses solution is from Bausch + Lomb re-nu which is a multi-tasking (rinse and store the lenses), so I don't have to rinse them off. But if you use different solutions for rinsing and storing the lenses, then you must rinse them first before storing the contact lenses.

My contact lens is from Air Optix in Brown

Where To Get?

My solutions and cases are from Bausch + Lomb

Solutions: Any Guardian or Watsons.
Case: Usually when you buy the solutions, you will get the case for free. But you can get the case from any optical store as well.
Contact Lenses: I don't quite agree with the idea on buying contact lenses online so I will buy at any optical store.
Eye Drop: Watsons/Guardian/Pharmacy

My Contact Lens Routine

Hey everyone! This is so weird to me because I haven't touch my draft box in a while. What I post recently was coming from my random thoughts, not the idea that I've already put in the draft box. I don't feel like continuing to write what I have wrote in my drafts and I don't see the point of having a draft box anymore and it makes me unhappy.

Anyway, today's post is about my current skincare;
DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. I've been using all these products and I purchased them for myself, for me to use. Not because I want to review any skincare or anything. I am also not a skin expert. What I'm using now is works fine on my skin. Different people have their own types of skin so not all the products that I'm using works well on your skin. But if we do have the same type of skin, I hope this helps.

I've been having a great, healthy and normal kind of skin until I reach the age of 18. For the past two years, I was having a breakout which my skin acted weirdly and started drying. So, finding a perfect skincare for me is like having a war with myself. But with the products that I'm using now, it somehow doesn't irritates or dry me skin at all. I love simple and minimal skincare routine and if you read this post, you will see that I'm using simple products only. At this time, I don't use serum, toner, essence etc. But if you do have any recommendations or suggestions for products that can combat the dry skin, let me know!

1. SCRUB: Himalaya Apricot Scrub
Can you believe that this is my first ever scrub tryout and my first ever purchased! Before this, I've never use any scrub because I don't find it necessary to use. When the time my skin started drying, I was afraid that scrubbing would make my skin even dryer and cause me worse breakout. But this scrub.. dang girl it is so good! It is very gentle and suitable for my dry skin. This scrub helps to remove dead skin cells and blackheads as well.

2. CLEANSER: Himalaya Hydrating Face Wash Cream
This face wash is da bom I tell ya. For those who has sensitive and dry skin, I highly recommend you to buy this. If you read my last post about skincare here, I've used Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash. I know a lot of people use this product and it works great especially who has dry and sensitive skin, but it works for me just for the first month of using it.

After approximately one month of using Simple, I changed to Hada Labo Hydrating Facial Wash. And the result was still the same as Simple. My skin was getting back to dry after about a month using it. At that time, I really hate my skin. I couldn't even put some makeup on my face because it would be flaky. But but but, my life has changed after using Himalaya. I honestly love Himalaya product so much. I think I can never change to other skincare anymore unless I find a better one. But for now, this product is just perfect for my skin. This face wash prevents drying and the best part is, it's free from parabens SLS/SLES Phthalates!

3. MASK: Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask
I didn't change my mask because this mask gave me good result. This product is great to deep cleanse my pore and eliminate pore-clogging impurities. This mask is also good for dry skin as it can moisturise your skin after you apply it.

4. Moisturiser: I repurchased this one because this is the best moisturiser I have ever used so far. For dry skin, I don't recommend you to use gel or spray moisturiser. Get and spray is suitable for normal to oily skin. If you're having the same type of skin as mine, use a cream moisturiser as it can give more moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.

Do you have any recommendation for any products formulated for dry skin? And do you love your skincare products? Share with me, I would love to know! :D

My Current Skincare

Hey everyone! How are you guys been doing? Hope everyone had a wonderful evening. I've always had my own bucket list, but I've never share it in my blog. I keep my bucket list safe in my journal. And guess what? It has been around 2 years since the last time I wrote it. I love to read everyone's bucket list and would say like, "Oh, that's in my bucket list too!".

The idea came into my mind just 5 minutes ago and I straight away open my laptop and start typing. While everyone is doing the bucket list, why don't I write about my updated version of the bucket list? So, here it is.

1. Visit Greece. (Santorini and Mykonos)
2. Go on a cruise.
3. Visit Italy.
4. Travel around the world with husband.
5. Skydiving.
6. Ride on a helicopter.
7. Perform Haji and Umrah.
8. Go to Universal Studios (Singapore, Hollywood, Japan, Florida)
9. Go to Disneyland (Hong Kong, Paris, Japan, Florida, California)
10. Ride on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia.
11. Island hopping in Krabi, Thailand.
12. Swim at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
13. See the Northern Lights in Iceland.
14. Visit Phucket.
15. Drive a jet ski.
16. Go on vacation with friends.

1. Write a sponsored post.
2. Get to 1000 followers.
3. Meet a blogger friend in real life.
4. Blog consistently for a year.

1. Get my own credit card.
2. Invest in some stocks.
3. Keep track on budget.
4. Have a 1 year plan budget.
5. Donate to charity.

1. Finish my degree.
2. Get Dean's List for every semester.
3. Become a successful businesswoman/manager/accountant.

1. Get driver's license.
2. Own a car. (Mercedes A250 please!! -current dream car)
3. Own a house.
4. Dinner at Atmosphere 360 Restaurant in KL Tower with family.
5. Dinner at Atmosphere 360 Restaurant in KL Tower with my boyfriend.
6. Picnic with my boyfriend.
7. Go to Justin Bieber's concert (I went twice yeay)
8. Learning Mandarin.
9. Learning Spanish.
10. Own a business.

Updated Bucket List

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I bet Chinese people in the whole world are excited to celebrate their festive season. I'm excited too because my parents are duty-off and we will be having our short trip soon! In this upcoming CNY, I'm sure Chinese girls out there are buzzing about what to wear for attire and makeup. Okay, let's be honest. Not just Chinese but every girls out there especially in Malaysia, we are like tumpang sekaki on their sales. Because here, we always have sales going on whenever festive season strikes. So, everyone will tumpang sekaki on every sales, doesn't matter we're Malay, Indian nor Chinese.

Of course you want to look great during special occasion, especially to make sure all the under eye darkness puff away just to look good and to appear more fresh during CNY. There are a lot of beauty products at Hermo Malaysia where you can get special offers. The CNY promotion is still on going until the 5th of February!! Me, myself also love to shop at Hermo Malaysia because my skincare products are selling in their website with way cheaper price compare to the retail price in Watsons or Guardian.

They also have variety products from Korean brand like Innisfree, Nature Republic (my fav), Etude House and more. Using serum and masks is a must before CNY begin. Psssst, did you know that Hermo Malaysia is currently having red fire deals? It means that they will give 80% off! That's insane. What are you waiting for? Go check on their website now!

Happy shopping! :)


CNY Makeup Look

Being organised is an option and also need patience. It can takes some days for you to organise things, but it can only takes several hours for you to return to your bad habit. Rushing out the door, spill a drink on the carpet, looking for keys and so on will definitely turn you back to be unorganised. Everyone is able to learn how to be organise but, not everyone can remain the lifestyle. I must say I'm the type of person who always need to be organise in any terms. So, how do I keep up with the lifestyle?

1. Put everything at their own place as soon as you can.
This is the easiest way to stay organise. Usually when I go out, my room will turn into a hot mess because sometimes I don't have much time to put everything together at the right position. But the thing that always make it looks organise the next day is when I get back home which is before I go to bed, I will make a quick cleaning session. I put everything back to their own places, such as hanging my clothes, dump my used clothes into the laundry basket, re-position my makeup at the makeup table. And by this tip, your room will look clean again on the next day.

2. Make your bed when you wake up.
I once read an article saying an unmade bed is a sign of disordered life. The sooner you make your bed, the better you will feel about facing your day. An unmade bed also makes you want to throw yourself back at the nicest and comfiest place you've ever been in your entire life. That's totally not a good idea to start your day.

3. Make a to-do-list
If you already have a planner, then that's great. But if you haven't, you can check these websites that can give you free and useful printable planner. So easy, you just have to save and print it! You don't need to waste money on buying an expensive planner. The best thing is, you can decorate and personalise like how you want it to be.

4. Keep your planner up to date.
If you have a planner but don't use it in a good way or not even have a glance on it, then what's the point of having one? Having everything written down can definitely make your day more organise. If you're not a book type of person, then you can download an app from your phone. That's the easiest way. Now tell me what other excuses you can give?

5. Treat time like money.
Time is the best enemy. If you're not use it wisely, then you're a waster. Time is the key to be more organise. If you can handle time, you can definitely be an organise person. You should what time you should start your day, when you should sleep, when you should have lunch, and etc. By doing this, you can see if there is anything you can cut out from your routine to have some space for something you want to do more because you're already know what you're going to do next.

Hope these tips help! Till next post x

How To Stay Organise + Printable Planner

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