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Newbie? nah. I am making a new blog because my old blogs were krik krik well um its been a long time since i last update so yeah I am making a new one haha. So it's 2015 already.. yes time flies so fast. I'm turning eighteen this year. I just graduated from high school and currently waiting for my SPM result. I am so nervous i don't know i just cant even think about it. what will i get for my result? *sigh. Let see how much will i get.. So, anyway i just started working. It is my first time of working and i get new experiences. My colleagues are sara, hidayah and nafisa. (my schoolmates or in detail my classmates). I really enjoy working. I looove my job. Thanks sara for recommend me this job. I hope you are not reading this haha, Sometimes when we finish our work early we all go for lunch and sometimes go for karaoke where it is just located on the opposite of our office building. I really have an incredible time. So here are some pictures of them:

*on our way to go karaoke haha

*double-lunch-date (hidayah's first day of working)


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