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My 18th birthday gift

Yesterday was amazing. My 18th birthday plan was going really well. Thanks to my one and only boyfriend, Qayyum who had planned this big surprise for me. I could not thanked him enough for what he had done. You were such a sweetheart. Thank you for sacrificed a lot just for me (your truly annoying girlfriend).

February 7 2015. A day to remember. 
The day starts with his calls. He called to wake me up. It was 5.50 am and i was kinda blur that time haha. He called just to make sure that i had already asked for my parent's permission to go out on that day. He checked on me to make sure everything was okay and hoped that the day would turned out as great as he had planned. He drove about more than an hour and we arrived at Bukit Tinggi at 9.36 am (plus minus breakfast and all) and.. yeap we went to Bukit Tinggi!! It had been a long time since i went there. I think it had been 7 or 8 years haha very long time. This time i went with a special person. Lucky me! So we did some awesome activities there. First we went to Colmar Tropicale which located at Berjaya Hills near to Chateau Resort. People said that Bukit Tinggi was like a mini France. Well yes it was haha. The view was breathtaking. Then we went to Japanese Village. It was damn tired as we walked till' the top of the place. But it was worth it. After that we both went for horse riding, then visited his friends which were rabbits and deer haha (he really loves animals). It was such a great place to spend time with my loving one.

Next, we went to the adventure park to experienced the world longest flying fox in east Asia. Unfortunately, that flying fox was for people who weighed 60 kg and above. I was like damn.. damn.. my weighed was 43 kg and i would never got a chance to experienced it. It was so frustrating. But it was okay we already had an incredible time after all. Before we drove back home, we decided to stopover at Coffee Cottage Cat Cafe in Subang. Like i said he really loves animal.. But by the time we arrived, the cats were tired of playing with random people and fell asleep. Bad luck huh? We only got a chance to play with certain cats only :( but i could not forget when there was a cute white cat sniffing and tasting my coffee like so many times. Everybody were laughing at that moment haha. But of course it saddens me to see most of the cats were sleeping and the room was quite calm and desolate.

But but but, it was enough though, Actually it was more than enough. I was so thankful to had an amazing day with my amazing man. It was such a blessing to cherish every moment with him. It was a day full of adventures and beautiful memories. I love you & thank you. Alhamdulillah for everything.

At Cormal Tropicale & Chateau 

At Japanese Village

Horse riding!

At Rabbit Farm

6D Motion Ride

All in one


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