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Liebster Award

Hello everyone! Well well.. as you can see, my post for today is about Liebster Award!! Honestly, I don't even know what it is since i am new at this kind of stuff haha. I have been tagged by my friend, Sarah to answer some random questions. So here are the questions..

1. what are you doing right now besides typing on your laptop?
umm im not doing anything other than typing right now (apparently)
2. how to attract more readers to read you blog?
By advertise/posting/sharing my blog on social media.
3. how to increase your saving during holiday?
Okay this is kind of hard to answer because i usually spend a lot especially on holidays! but i would say save your pocket money in your bank account to avoid keep on spending it swiftly.
4. what did you take for your breakfast today?
Bread and chocolate.
5. who is beside you right now?
No one.
6. what did you do for you family today?
I just gave rm100 to my mother from my very first salary to show my appreciation to her. i know it was not enough though. My other family members? i was just chit-chatting with them today
7. set 3 goals for tomorrow.
8. what did you do today?
i literally work in the morning until afternoon. At night, here i am sitting on my fav chair and  blogging!
9. what movie did you watch today?
I didn't watch any movie since i was so busy haha
10. what did you spent today?
hmm i don't quite understand this question hehe sorry sarah

So, here are some questions of mine that you guys have to answer (my schoolmate)

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