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I know sorry for those eyebags though

I am bewildered with my own feelings and thoughts. I am completely in a state of agitation. I feel extremely worried with my own future. Do I think too much? I don't know whether it is a weird feeling or it is just a normal feeling. You know, when you are eighteen and at this stage you have to think and think and keep thinking about what is the next step of your life. What you want to be, where to pursue your dreams bla bla bla! Okay.

So, today has been a long, lazy day. I have nothing to do literally. So i just sit around and laying in my bed all day. I dont remember the last time i have this much of time to think. Thinking about my past, thinking about my future. I have been busy lately but not too busy. I have work to do and when i get home i feel tired already then go straight to bed. I dont know i just feel weird lately like really weird when i start thinking about my life. I start to think about my relationships and myself and how different my life now. How much different can it be? Well things change no matter what. Things will be different. Sooner or later. Im start thinking how i affect the people that i know and close with, and how they affect me as well. As far as im concerned, the future is right to be afraid of.

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