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Whats next?

Spm results already come out. Yes. No. I don't really need to talk about my results here hehehe. Before this, i always think that after leaving high school and being 18 is the best but now i realize that i might just kidding myself. Being 18 is really tough where you have to start thinking about your future. Choosing the right path to further your studies are damn hard. What course you should take and what university you might want to apply. It really sucks to think about it especially when you have interest in some particular course that you may want but your results are not qualify enough to apply it. Then you have to think other options and make plan B for it. Not just plan B but plan C, plan D and so on. I am serious. If you take a wrong course that not suits you very well, taraaa you just waste your time and then later on you have to change to other courses and it just kills your freakin' time unless you are willing enough to struggle through years. That scares the hell out of me.

I'm doing some research for now and ask for opinions to everyone about this. I also take personality and career test to get to know my personalities and careers that suits me well. Ugh everything just freaks me out. I am not ready for life after spm to be honest. I am not ready to leave my parents and start a new life at uni and things will be different. Completely different. Life in university is not like high schools where everyone is giving attention to you. (that is what everyone says). You have to be independent and do things all by yourself. No one will cares about you. If you fail, no one cares. If you past, no one cares. I repeat, NO ONE CARES. So, it is obviously so much better to be a kid right? I am still considering what course i should take and what exactly suits me, depends on my interests and results. Very tough decision to make. To all 97's batch, GOOD LUCK.

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