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Hey y'alls. Today is probably my most LAZY DAY EVER. Since i am fasting (ganti puasa hehe) and am too tired to do anything so i decided to skip work. My routine for today is 1. wake up (sahur) 2. go back to sleep 3. wake up 4. watch the tv 5. watch movie 6. read novel 7. blogging 8. nap 9. break the fast 10. sleep

Perfect day isn't it? haha. So anyway, i know that i'm not posting blog that much but now i'm trying to put an effort to make a post once a week. I have read so many blogs since i've finished high school. Of course, what else to do? And by reading them, it makes me feel like i need to write one. Most of the blogs that i'm currently reading are giving me inspirations to do something. Somehow it gives me spirit and makes me feel confident in myself. It gives me some ideas and widen my horizon. It helps me get creative as well. Most of the blogs that i read are lifestyle blogs. I also follow some fashion blogs. It helps me to get an update about the latest trend and style. I will list them down in my next post!

Since i'm not posting much about myself, here's a 20 Facts About Me.

1. I wear braces

2. I love reading (anything)

3. I fear of thunder. They called it Astraphobia

4. I love singing. Singing in my bathroom is my everyday routine

5. I like music but dislike to hear them in earphones. I prefer put on speakers.

6. I'm short sighted. Either i put on contacts or wear glasses when i go out

7. Food lover. Food is everything

8. Love to do something adventure

9. Have 4 siblings

10. I hate distance. Especially had long distance relationship with anyone

11. I have sleeping problems. My sleeping pattern is suck. And of course i have insomnia disease

12. I hate, hate, hate sleeping in daytime. Unless i feel really tired and loss 99 percent of my energy then i will hit the bed

13. I'm an eager person

14. I'm curious on everything. I want to know things that i want to know and will try anything and do everything until i get to know them and feel satisfy. Sometimes people gets tired but idc.

15. Liars can go die

16. I'm the type of person who keeps anything to myself. Anger, happy, sadness, and other kind of feelings. I won't tell 'till i can't take it anymore

17. Milk is my everyday drink. Can't go a day without milk

18. My mind is 40% positive, 60% negative. Well, in certain things ONLY

19. Can't go a day without talking to anyone

20. I have quirky habits that i'm not going to tell

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