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What's in My Bag - 2015

Hello! Since everyone is buzzing about what stuffs I normally bring everyday so I decided to do this. I also have watched many videos about them on YouTube and I am personally love watching it. I am basically a simple person. I don't like putting many stuffs in bag. My bag will be like so freakin' heavy. NO. Just don't make your life difficult. Why make things complicated where you can just make it simple right?

For me, I don't really like big bags. I have one and I barely use it. I usually use the medium size and the small one. Oh and I am not interested in handbags too! What a choosey person I am.. I prefer sling bag. Because for me it is easy to uhm bring? haha. Handbags like, we need to hold it every time and wherever we go. Isn't it annoying? hahaha

So here's a sneak peak on things that need to have in my bag

  • Kipling Purse
  • Pink Bag aka Make Up Bag
  • Earphone
  • Shade (RayBan)
  • Tissue
  • Contact Lens Solution
  • Winx Mirror (don't judge please I love it and use it since I was 10
P.S: Excluded contact lens container which is in the bathroom. I usually put it in my bag once I wear the contact lens. and iPhone since I'm using it to take these pictures.

The pink bag

I just got the new pink make up bag yesterday actually when I went shopping with my mum and then we decided to stop by at Watsons to buy face cleanser for myself. I got the pink bag for free since I bought two matte lipsticks from Silkygirl. They actually have brand new lipsticks and I absolutely love all of them. AND I got a free lipstick inside the bag too! yeay me. Oh well, it was not in the plan to buy them at first but what can I say I'm a girl.

Inside the pink bag

  • Nyx Xtreme Shine Lip Cream - XLC 04
  • Maybeline Pure Concealer
  • Maybeline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder
  • Silkygirl Long-Wearing Lipliner - 01 Nude
  • Silkygirl Moisture Balm Lipcolour - 01 Honey
  • Silkygirl Moisture Shine - 08 Moonlight Pink
  • Silkygirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner - 02 Dark Brown
  • Peel Off Nail Polish
  • IN2IT Gel Tint for lip and cheek
  • Panadol - incase I'm having a terrible day

Obsessed with this. Girly enough? :p 

Okay. You guys may wonder why I use a lot of Silkygirl and Maybeline products right. For me, they are the best and affordable as well. Besides, I have no problem use them on my skin. I'm not a make-up freak so there's no need to spend much just for makeups. I'd rather spend them on FOOD. Or books. I also do not use make up really often. Sometimes I don't wear them at all. Just a touch of powder then I'm done! When I need to, I just wear 'light make-up' because I love natural looks.

So, what's in your bag guys? :)


  1. I also love watching those videos hahah

    and where did you buy the peel off nail polish?

    1. Haha yeay high five!!! I bought it online. On instashop :)

  2. what's in dayana's bag - sarah's handphone ;D

  3. tak tau pun yang maybelline compact tu ada yang small, nakk XD

    1. Hahaha ada jual!! maybe sesetengah tempat je kot, tu beli kat watsons je hehe


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