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Few more days

This week is literally my last week of staying at home. After this no more 10 hours of sleeping, no more tv, no more movies, no more food hunting. My job of being a "life after spm" is almost over. Heck yeah it's already been 5 months!! Five freaking months. Time flies so fast. 

Oh I forgot to mention that I have already decide to continue my study at Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor (KMS). Last week have been a dilemma for me to choose whether I should pursue my study at UiTM Alor Gajah where I get a chance to study in Business OR Matriks (science course). So decisions already made. I'm hoping a good life there. Can you imagine 5 months of doing nothing like, you are so free to do whatever you want. No particular job, no duties, no homework etc then suddenly your life is changing to hell. You'll suddenly get super busy and there's so many things that you have to do. Assignments, presentations, studies, homeworks and all. Oh what can I say. This is life.

I am so not ready for college. Not ready for leaving this house yet. Not ready for leaving my parents. I know it took only one year to finish matriks but after that straight to Degree. Am I really that ready to face the world? I don't know. Let's pray that my life will not turn out as much as I expected. Too much negative thoughts will bring nothing but fear. Let's stay positive.


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