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My Kind Of Stress Reliever

Different people, different way. To be really honest, I am the type of person who gets stress easily. Yeah on everything. Don't ask me why. Okay maybe because I'm having OCD? I don't know. Sometimes I get stress over small things. I get stress over stupid things. (really need to get out of this quirky situation asap). However, there's a good in the bads. My kind of stress takes only few minutes to get me calm down and back to my standard mood. Funny isn't it? One minute you get stress then the next minute you're totally relax. Sounds hard to handle right? But trust me, I'm easy to deal with. *insert annoying smiley emoji*

Things that can change my lousy mood

Quick bath

Talking to the Boyfriend





How do you handle stress? 


  1. This is so nice. I usually do the same thing except that I don't have a tub. LOL.
    Thanks for this wonderful advice too.
    Spices & Everything Nice

    1. Thank you so much!! Seems like we have things in common here! Will visit your blog xoxo


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