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People who inspires me

In this life, there are many people and things that have been huge influences on us. For me, there's some people that inspire me and giving me the courage to do something. Some of them gives such good examples to me and some of them inspire me in so many ways. Probably, I could not live without inspiration. It is sometimes the only thing that that makes me do something. Inspiration in my life is always positive emotions that, it's unclear how, pushing me forward.

Everyone should have people that encourage them on doing something or at least a person.. Mine have 10. So here are the people that inspire me in this life ;

1. Nabi Muhammad SAW

To muslims out there, you should make Nabi Muhammad as your #no1 idol. Hey, if you are a muslim and you are in Islam religion why don't you put Nabi Muhammad as your number one idol? His life and background stories have given us so many moral values that we can make as examples in our life. Besides, we learned and get to know Him and His story ever since we're a child isn't it? He is such an inspiration to me and He should be your inspirational as well.

2. My Dad

The one who raise me (and Mom) since i was born until now. The one who always keep reminding me on everything. To always keep myself protected, to behave, to be nice, to be humble, to be a good person. He is the one who teach me how to think before speak. He is my spirit burner. Why? Because since i was a child, i saw so many things that happened in my life. I see things changing. Goods and bads. I see that my life has it ups and downs. Whatever happens in my life and my family, he is the one handling it. Even when we all in our bad situations. He is the one who stands up and keep trying. Sometimes i see the struggles on him. I see how hard to handle a family.

3. My Mom

The another person who raises me. I know that giving birth is so freaking hard. The pain.. gosh. Can't even imagine. Never ever ever underestimate our own mother okay. A mother never complains on giving birth to us and we have no right to say anything bad about her or even hurting her feelings. My mother is an amazing woman i have ever known and she is the one who always support me on everything i do. She makes me realize two things. How to love and how to be loved. She is a loving person and i think i inherit that from her haha.

4. Muhammad Qayyum

My beloved boyfriend. I love all about him. Of course i do. Things that inspire me about him are his personalities. Very loving, caring, protective and responsible, I make him as my inspiration because of some reasons. He is the another person who always support me. He will be there for me. No matter in good or bad situation, he will be there. He is the one who i talk to everyday and the best listener. I can't go a day without talking to him. Like I will be totally mad haha don't judge but it's true. Because whenever i talk to him, i feel something different. And by that, it makes me want to talk to him about everything in daily basis.

5. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

He is the forth Prime Minister of my country, Malaysia. He held the post for 22 years from 1981 till 2003, making him Malaysia's longest-serving Prime Minister. The thing i love about him is he knows what he's doing especially for this country. Even though he is now a former prime minister, he is still actives in politics and gives something to contribute to this country. What he have done to this country is massively superb and also contributes brilliant ideas. He deserves never-ending compliments from me.

6. Emma Watson

As i already stated in my recent post - My Inspiration

7. Ainin Sofiya

She is a friend of mine. What's interesting about her is she is beautiful and smart. Beauty with brain! I always always envy her for being such an intelligent person. When i was in my SPM year which is last year, i was in the same tuition with her. She is like, answering all the questions right without any hesitation. I always looking up to her whenever i have question that needs to be explain and when i don't know the answer. Anyway, she has good sense of humor too. I'd call her a perfect lady.

8. Michelle Phan

She is famous as a fashion vlogger/blogger. This beauty queen has got my attention since the past two years because of her fashion and beauty spirits! I love love love all about her. The way she talks, the way she explicate something in the video and so on. I love her tutorials about beauty and makeups. The DIY video.. i just cannot miss them. In her blog, she has given many tips which are always make me want to give a try. You go Michelle!

9. Sarah Shaqira

She is also a friend of mine, since childhood. She is the most organize person i have ever known. All things that she do, she write it down. To-do-list, money expenses, things to buy and etc. She has this one small book that she always bring with her wherever she goes to jolt down. But at home, she has plenty. Like so many note that she writes and note down. Another thing that captivates me is her drawing. Her drawing is a stunning. She is creative. Very.

10. Izza Atirah

She is known as a blogger. I never met her or have any connections with her, but i am totally in love with her blog. Her blog gives something that i can hardly explain. Her writing is just simple and beautiful. She writes what she wants. She shares her story and more. One of the reason why I adore her is she always put an effort to get something she wants. Like for example, she wants to own a camera. So she has worked her ass off just to get the thing. She is 19 and a student, who certainly has no much time to do anything other than studying or finishing assignments, BUT she doesn't mind. She will go to class like normal students do in the morning til evening. Then later she gets home, she'll switch her outfit and go straight to work. At night, she works on her assignments. It is too much to handle in one day but she did it well. You rock, Izza.


  1. This is so sweet !!! I got teary eyed reading this ! Thank you so much and thanks for reading my blog as well. You made my day <3

    1. Omg I DID NOT expect that you would comment something on my blog!! My friend told me already and it was so embarrassing! :( hehe most welcome. but i really really love your blog Izza. Like i said, you are one of my inspirations xx


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