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It feels like ages for not blogging!! Sorry for that. I was super busy with my studies and there is a lot going on lately. As you read my recent post, I am currently studying at Selangor Matriculation College (KMS). If you are a Malaysian, I doubt you know well about Matriks. As a Matriculation student, my schedule is abuzz I tel ya. So hectic. My class will start at sharp and ends at (minus 2 hours of break). My assignments are endless. Imagine I have to finish my lab report which include 3 subjects (biology, chemistry, physics) within 5 days. Not to mention other homework and assignments.

I can say that in one day, almost all subjects will have an assignments. And the worst part is, it has to be done within 2 days! Okay maybe I nag too much about this but you can only feel 20% of my whole day by reading this. Its a hella tiring.

Tbh, I want to write more, believe me. But whoops my homework and assignments are already haunting me. I will post pictures soon! Good bye for now x

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