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It was a good day. The weather is perfect and feel so fresh after the heavy rain. I just love the smell of petrichor. Anyway it was Monday evening. Me and my other half went to a cafe called Owl Espresso located in Subang. What makes this cafe different from others was the smoke cookies. It was cookies and macaroons that came up with smoke (nitrogen gas) if you guys were curious.. We ordered smoke cookies,  one vanilla cookies ice blended, one caramel latte, and panda with ice cream inside. The panda was actually a cotton candy and it was quite huge. Inside the panda, there was an ice-cream and it was super delicious! 

We spent about more than two hours there. We talked a lot since now we only got a chance to see each other on the weekend. He was busy with uni life plus he even had exams in two weeks time so I was thankful enough he still spent his limited time with me. Hehe lucky girlfriend it is.

Me, trying the smoke cookies:



  1. Wow what a cool cookies... And that panda ice cream is sooo cute

    1. Haha I know right! The cafe is outstanding. Too cute to handle :D


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