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I am back

Hello, readers! It has been a long time I didn't write, huh? Well, i'm back! I am back from my endless schedules. You guys may wonder what-so-endless-schedule right? OKAY. Let me make it clear. I just finished or should I say graduated from Selangor Matriculation College!!!!!!! Hahaha, look how happy I am. At last, I finally gain the freedom back from where I stop after finished SPM (which is about 4 months). Now here I am, literally not doing anything at home and I absolutely enjoy it. Now I'm waiting for my PSPM results to come out and start my Degree this year on September. I have PLENTY of time now I have to figure out what should I do for this whole plus-minus 4 months of break. If you guys have any suggestions, please drop a comment! :) 

I was thinking to post about Matriculation Life. I don't know if its sounds boring to you or anything but, if you guys want to find out more about Matriculation and how I handle Matriculation Life, let me know! I can also give any extra infos, study tips, time management, etc. Just let me know okay? I will be delighted to help. Have a good day! x


  1. May i know How's the studying environment and ethics in matrics? Tq☺️

  2. May i know How's the studying environment and ethics in matrics? Tq☺️

    1. Yes, sure. As you know Malaysian Matriculation is a fast track program which is one year, so students' timetable will be pack with classes, but it is also depends on what module you take and what course. Basically matriculation has only two courses which are science and account. In science course, it is split into three (module 1,2,3) while account has no module. Usually, my class will start at 8am and ends at 5pm. Minus two hours of break, but timetable will change in second semester (which is more compact). Matriculation syllabus is not that tough actually but what makes it hard is the time. Time is your enemy in matriculation. But as long as you are good in managing time, there will be no problem :)


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