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Me Before You | The Conjuring 2

Hello everyone. So today's review is all about movies! Okay recently I watched 2 movies (but not in a row) which were Me Before You and The Conjuring 2 with my other half. I don't know whyyyyy great movies come out during fasting month. It's a pain you know sitting in the cinema and watch movie without eating hotdog and popcorn. Sigh.. I can't watch movie around 5pm till 8pm since I'll be prepare for berbuka and it is absolutely not a great idea to watch movie at night too since I will be going to perform solat terawih at masjid. So the only time I can watch movie is around 11am to 4pm. Another sigh.

Anyway, before I make a short review I will give a rate for both movies:

Me Before You- 4/5
The Conjuring 2- 5/5

Me Before You
If you guys have read the novel, I bet you will get a little upset with the movie. Same goes to any romance novel that come out with movie. (eg: The Fault in Our Stars). The novel is adapted by Jojo Moyes. This story is about unexpected relationship that blossoms between Will Trainor (Sam Clafin), a wealthy, paralyzed young man and Lou Clark (Emilia Clarke), a working-class village and very very cheerful. Her ultimate outfit is brightly coloured sweaters and stockings + polka dots shirts.

Lou is desperate to support her family as she presents herself at the local castle as a potential carer to Will. Will had an accident and his whole body is paralyzed. What Lou thinks about Will is vice versa with what Will thinks of her. He usually mocks her with her silly outfits. Later on, they find true friendship between them. Will starts to realize that Lou is not just a nice girl but she has good sense of humour. Her sunny nature brings happiness back into his life, while he broadens her horizon, spinning tales of his visits to Paris and introducing her to arthouse cinema.

Regardless of their true-love-relationship that going strong each day, Will is determined to live on his own terms. He has privately booked an appointment will real-life Swiss (assisted dying organisation) and there is nothing can change his mind, even Lou.

The Conjuring 2
As you guys know, this is based on true story where it happened in 1977. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren investigating the aftermath of the murders that known as "The Amityville Horror". Lorraine is an extra ordinary person and has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings. They both went to Enfield, England to meet the Hodgson family. Peggy is a single mother who is taking care of 4 children including Janet. Janet starts to have bigger problems at home when she was caught smoking at school. She begin sleep walking, progress to sounds in the middle of the night, and finally ends up with possession. A man named Bill taking over Janet's body and sometimes speaking through her. They even have a recording where Janet sounds like an old man. The local authorities get in touch with the Warrens, who make the trip to England to determine whether or not the Hodgsons are faking the the haunting or stop them for becoming the next Amityville.

P/S: I don't want to get into details about this movie because you should personally watch it. Trust me, you will enjoy every single scene.


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