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Dresses Perfect For Every Occasion

It cannot be denied that as you grow up, you will tend to get invites to attend weddings, parties, dates or even casually hang out with your friends. And there are times, when simple tee and jeans just simply don’t work for you anymore and you will resort to dresses. However, some of you may not have an idea of what dresses which will be perfect to wear to any occasion and still look gorgeous. 

Every woman knows that LBD or known as the little black dress is a must have item to own in your wardrobe. It does not matter whether it is a short dress or long maxi dress, a black coloured dress is suitable for any occasion and a must to own. It is impossible if a woman does not own at least one LBD in their
wardrobe at home. If you are one of them, do not wait and add one a few pieces immediately.

Lace dresses have been the top choice among women these past few years and definitely makes a woman look feminine in them. If you want to reveal your girlish side and still maintain the simplicity, lace dresses or dresses embellished with laces will absolutely be the perfect choice to any occasion. For the ladies who have a date with the special someone, this dress will definitely make you appear adorable and sweet.

Pastels will never go out of style as its soft hues makes a woman appear innocent and elegant without much effort. Find your favourite pastel hues that suit your skin tone as well as your style and show it off with confidence everywhere you go.

Let's checkout the latest trend on dresses here:


  1. omgggg T_T dresses are so perfect haih
    dont hv any lacey dress yet hehe inshaallah kalu jumpa yg betul2 lawooo nanti lah hee.
    but lbd & pastel is a must T_T

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. I have tons but already give them to people since I don't wear it anymore because its too short haih. Definitely need to buy new one that match with tudung hehe


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