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July Favourites

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

As you can see, this is my first time ever doing monthly favourites and I will be posting my favourite items monthly starting now on. I have received messages from my chatbox to update more and more and I am truly sorry for not posting that much because I have been quite busy lately. Plus, it is Syawal (raya month) and I have lots of houses to go. 

Since I finished my matriculation programme,
I worked a part time job at Kumon Tuition Centre. So yeah there is so much going on and I have to juggle it all but this is my last month of working so yeay! I need to take a chill pill so I choose to be free for about one month before I
start my uni life. Now, enough of ramblings and let's proceed to my monthly favourite items!

Isn't it PRETTY? I really love the colour it is so soft and nude-y. I love nude colour so damn much I just want to cry. Lol joke. These are the items I bought from ZALORA. Recently, I got an email to collaborate with them and for the return, I got a voucher to spend on items that catch my eyes. Instead of buying one item, I bought three. So I have to use my own money since the voucher is not enough but I don't mind to spend at all I mean LOOK AT THEM. If you guys want to know the details about my items so here it is:

1. Bag - AR by Alfio Raldo (Structured Top Handle Bag)
2. Heels - Velvet (Laney Heels)
3. Wedges - Rubi (Helena 3 Straps Wedges)

This is my top picks of the month! Looks like Cinderella kind of shoe :p
I love the glitter as well and the colour is gold, which is one of my favourite colours.

So if you guys wonder where I got this cute glittery notebook - 2016 Edition, it is from TYPO. I use the similar kind of book for the past few years and it is not just a notebook. What I like about this book is it keeps me organize. I jolt down everything here. More like a planner and it's easy to bring anywhere I go.

That's it for this month's post. See you on my next favourites for next month! x


  1. Im in love with the bag, and the shoes. and the notebook too!! :D

    1. Hahaha just say that you love them all just like I do!! xD semua cantik kan :D

  2. I bought a notebook just like yours. hehe well gang!

  3. This is a fantastic color. I see why you generally lean towards it. I actually prefer this kinds of colors too. Love the bag especially.

    1. Yes, indeed! I am really into pastels. This kind of colours usually match whatever we wear. I think most of people prefer these too.


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