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Review - L'OREAL PARIS ELSEVE Fall Resist 3x

Dandruff and hair fall are common for people mostly at our age. (i think??) Correct me if I'm wrong. I personally have the same problem and am absolutely not happy with it. For those who are not having this kind of problem please be thankful. I have faced this major nightmare since I was 15, I guess. It sucks really bad when you want to go out without feeling embarrass and insecure with your hair because it might look snowy. This problem become extreme when I have to wear tudung to school. The thing is, I cannot wash my hair in the morning cause it might get stink and itchy later. Of course I can blow dry my hair  before wearing tudung but it just wasting my time and at the same time it can make my hair dry. So I just wash my hair after I get back from school and I wash my hair about 4 times a week.

There are so many other factors why I have dandruff. The second one is maybe because I am lacking of vitamins and minerals. I know this sounds weird but I don't eat veggies. I think that cause me to have dandruff and hair fall. (if you guys have any tips to make an interesting dish for veggies, do TELL ME). Seriously.

Okay, I have to admit that not everyone face this kind of trouble. Some people might not face this at all and some of them might have it worse so I don't want to look mean by not thankful enough. I think that's okay because I believe that everyone has their own insecurities. Mine is "the hair" and I am pretty sure everyone has their own.

That's probably much of story. What I want to highlight for this post is about my new hair care which is L'OREAL PARIS ELSEVE Fall Resist 3x shampoo and conditioner. Choosing a shampoo is not that easy. I have trouble to choose the right one for me. I tried tons and non of them really works. So I have being recommend to use this hair care and after I use it, I cannot say anything but THANK GOD my hair fall and dandruff are finally reduced. (not entirely but mostly). It is like 2 in 1 shampoo. It is good for scalp hair and hair fall.

This is my current hair enhancer. It is an extraordinary oil and also from L'OREAL

Honestly, my hair become more healthy and strong. My problem is like totally disappear just like that. Thank you to whoever recommend this shampoo for me. I am really happy that now I can have my healthy hair back.

Do you face the same problem? I would love to know.


  1. Oh I do have the same problem as you. My hair is dry and i have many flakes which makes me feel horrible. ans yes it itches too ! Maybe I should try this later XD

    1. It sucks right? :(

      Omg we literally have things in common. My hair is kinda dry a well. YES, you should give it a try! Who knows it works on you too :)


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