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What I learned during 6 years of blogging

Hey guys and gals!

Today I want to share a bit of my experience in blogging. As a blogger, I really love to share things with everyone, especially to my loyal readers. Wait, do I even have loyal readers? Lol. I realise I just start of my new blog as my old one was.. well you might not even want to know. It was a hot mess. Okay. I do read a lot and by that, the urge to write is so strong. Writing is become a part of my hobby since I read other's blog (really). I enjoyed reading people's blog and at some point I start thinking, why don't I make one? So that's where I start to be part of this kind of blogging-life-community. 

To be honest, there is so much more to blogging than most people think and getting your blog where you want it to be in the first place is not always been easy. In fact, it takes a lot of patience. I'm sure that every bloggers has face this all time. The Blogger Struggles are real. 

Fast forward to last year, I decided to give another chance for getting into this whole blogging thing and I kinda like it on how it is now. Here are some of the top things I have learned during my 6 years of blogging.

1. Know your purpose.
The first question that should be pop out from your head is: Why do you want to blog? This sounds typical but you really need to know why. You have to make a purpose and that is how you maintain your track. If you are not into about your main blog topic you might want to reconsider this whole thingy together. 

2. Have courage and patience.
Blogging is not that easy so you might lose your track and get annoy when it comes to idea post. There comes a time when you are so freaking tired to blog because it would take freaking hours to write and sometimes you just want to forget about blogging and focus more on life. That is why you simply need courage to helps you keep reading and patience to keep writing. 

3. Supporting other women is dope.
In this blogger community, you might as well need to help and support other bloggers, especially to newbies. Why? Because at some point, they will thank you later. You can also make friends all around the world. The most important is, you can be easily known and helps you to grow your readers. Try to give and take. 

4. Your own archives can be a source of inspiration. 
Yes, this one is true. I read tons of blog and honestly most of them inspires me a lot. This one came across my mind that if I make a blog, who knows that I will be part of their inspirations as well? Haha lol in my dream. (I hope so). 

What have you learned during years of blogging? I would love to know.


  1. What I learn about blogging? I started blogging since 5 years ago when I was your age. Hihi. Tak konsisten and on off. Sekarang baru active balik.

    Benda paling penting yang I belajar adalah blog ni tak mcm FB, Twitter, IG. Dia sentiasa ada je kalau orang google keywords. Especially kalau share tips ke review ke.

    Yang bestnya, cerita cerita yg kita tulis kat blog ni dari zaman belajar dulu masih ada. Bila baca balik, rasa macam 'Ya Allah, macam ni ke aku dulu' haha tapi seronok la sebab blog ni macam boleh menyimpan memori selagi Google tak padamkan. Heee.

    1. Hahaha so true!! It never fades, right? Takde sangat nak update macam other social media. and paling best dapat baca cerita orang lain. (orang yang minat nak blog je akan faham). It's a good story tho. Thank you for sharing ;)

  2. What I learned? Aduh wak. Banyak ni nak type ni.
    Hahahah boleh jadi satu post :p

    Hm, paling best bila blogging ni kan. Kita kan share je apa yg kita rasa mcm 'kesah pulak haku' ha gitu kan. Tengok2 ada org baca and then agree dgn kita haha rasa mcm happy sama2! Pastu bila buat review mcm quite jujur?
    And it really surprising bila ada org google pastu keluar blog kita pastu dia tanya kita ni mcm la kita ni expert sgt padahal buat review cincai2 je.

    Because seriously everyone guna Google kut.
    Tipu la tak pernah google essay2 semua hahahahah. Pastu yg keluar semua la blog blog website yang sgt membantu T_T

    i want to be some sort of someone yg helpful jgk T_T hihi.
    Pastu i learned apa lagi ek. Alahai masa ni la tak ingat hahah!

    Thank u dayana batrisyia <3
    terus nak draft post jakgi :p

    1. HAHAHA I couldn't agree more! Apa yang awak cakap tu sangat lah betul and I also experience this whole thing. I think that's alright because apa yang kita buat semua datang dari bawah. Especially bila kita blog about reviews and stuff. Actually kita buat review biasa biasa je pun but sangat membantu orang lain. So just keep blogging! Hehe you are welcome and thank you too for sharing a bit of your experienced in blogging! :)

  3. my karangan improved tremendously thanks to blogging

    1. Well blogging did that to me too. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Yes, patience is really needed. I keep on giving up on blogging but I also keep on coming back. Hahaha. Can't force it out of me I guess.

    1. I get chu, Veronica. I have faced that as well haha. Thank you for sharing x

  5. 6 years.. just wow. I just started like what? yesterday? :D Did you buy this templates or you made yourself? it's gorgeous. I'm so jealous right now, i still need to learn alot. You might as well post some tutorial or blog experience..? Rambling much didn't i LOL..

    1. Hi Amber. Actually I downloaded this template for FREE from a website which I don't remember anymore. Then I customized it like how I wanted. It's alright just take it slow because I also learn this for quite a long time. You can just google it or watch tutorial on YouTube. Haha I'm not pro enough to post some tutorial but that's a great idea anyway. I will try my best to do! :) Thank you :D

  6. I do read a lot too, and that what really urge me to write - pardon if I copy paste haha because it soo reflecting my purpose to write. I love reading your blog to. Keep inspiring dayana, as u always do. ^^

    oh yeah, been in blogging five years back, got thru the on off situation and hence here I am again constantly updating cause realize I've talked too much lately. :3 lol.

    1. HAHA it's alright! I know exactly how you feel. Once you read a lot, you always wanted to try to write. I also have been through the same process as you. I mean, it's totally normal. Sometimes ada mood baru boleh tulis hahaha.

      Awhh thank you so much! I appreciate your compliments. I literally have no words to describe what I feel right now because honestly, I did not expect that my writing would be an inspiration to you <333


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