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7 Productive Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

It happens. Sometimes you have that particular day when you can't think of single thing to do. I am one of those people who strives to be productive. So when I can't think of anything to do, I will google it and make a long list on how I want to spend my day or the upcoming days.

When I finished matriculation programme, I basically have 4 months of break before I start my Degree (which is now less than 3 weeks ! ). If you guys wonder how I benefit my break time so here are some things you can do with your downtime to benefit yourself.

Organize something
There is always something that needs to be organized. Don't wait for it and put off for too long, this is the time. I spend my break organize things in my room. Some things need to throw away because you don't need them anymore. Don't make your room become full of unused things. Some things need a new place like new organizer or try to locate them in different places to make things stay clean and organize.

Schedule your month
This sounds ordinary but I tell ya, you gotta get a planner. It will help you a lot, trust me. Grab a planner and start making list. Some people don't like to list down things, perhaps too lazy to do it. Don't worry, you can make a list in your smartphone. Download a suitable app for you to use as a planner. A little time is all it takes to feel like you have already prepare your month in advance.

Write down your weekly/daily goals
With your planner in hand, there will be no problem for you to make a short list. Try to come with realistic goals to achieve each day/week. Don't just make a list and ignore it. Stay discipline and always follow your goals.

Clean out your stuff
As the season change, so do you. If you realize things in this world is temporary and everything keeps changing. Best example is fashion. This is your time to clean up your closet and throw away tour unused clothes. What I mean by throwing away is not really throw it away. If you have nice clothes that you will never ever wear again, donate them and give to people who needs.

Take a course
Learning something new is always an awesome way to spend your day. For active bloggers, it's time to get creative by learning new things like design, photography, art, business, or whatever else floats your boats. Expand your knowledge about blogging and get inspired by successful bloggers out there!

Cooking can be really relaxing (no kidding). If you have nothing to do on a particular day, try to list down the menu you want to cook for that day. Once you eat, you'll find it so satisfying (if it taste good! haha)

For me, I like to spend time reading novels or anything related. It feels so good when you have a novel in hand and a cup of coffee. Really complete my day! If you are not interested in reading, find something else to do such as watching some tutorials on YouTube! Haha sorry I don't know if it's a good example though. Seriously, that's what I always do.


  1. Benda paling penting sy kena buat skrg ni ialah organize cuma saya ni selalu tangguh2, ahaha

    May I ask, which univ will you attend for degree?

    1. Haha don't tangguh tangguh! Buat je jangan fikir apa dah hehe.

      Sure. I've got an offer to pursue in Civil Engineering at UTHM but taktahu lagi nak pergi tak hehe

  2. Reading is always my thing <3 hehe.


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