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My New Skincare Products

Hello again Thursday. It has been 5 days I did not write. Well, basically dealing with life. Right now I am currently preparing myself for Uni. I don't know what to feel right now. I don't feel excited at all this time. I feel nervous about going to deal with Degree life. Any tips about this guys?

Anyway, while doing a review about makeup routine is becoming popular, I notice that a lot of girls out there still apprehensive about skincare. That is why I come up with this idea to post about my new skincare routine. It has been awhile since I have shared what I use for my skin and it's actually change now. Everything is new. From face cleanser to facial mask. For those who hasn't read my old post about my skincare, click HERE.

If you read my old post, I don't use many products and I use one brand only which was Safi Balqis. I only used cleanser, toner and a beauty cream. I didn't used moisturiser, facial mask, scrub etc. What I used for the past few years was completely different from what I used now. I changed my skincare products for some reasons.

Reason #1: Skin getting dry.
I used Safi Balqis for quite a long time, maybe around 6 years. It cannot be denied that this product works great on me. It was like my Holy Grail. I loved everything on each of their products. My skin did not have any problem when I used it, until this year when I started to feel different on my skin. I noticed that my skin was getting so dry. I couldn't even put some powder on my face.

Reason #2: Acne
When your skin is dry, there is a higher chance for pimples to pop out. When I wanted to get rid of them, I usually just washed my face with face cleanser but this time it was a failure.

Reason #3: Skin getting dull.
I knew that my face was lacking of moist because I did not use moisturiser. So I bought a moisturiser to make my skin hydrated. At first, it worked fine on me but it started to feel dry again after months of using it.

This is my new skincare products:

I have heard a lot of good reviews about this product so I thought I should give a try. I am a very choosy person when it comes to skincare. So it is hard for me to find an excellent product that I think will suit well on my skin. I must say this product is satisfactory. It does not produce a lot of foam and you just have to put a little amount before you start cleansing your face. Cleanser that produce a lot of foam will definitely brings your skin to dryness. 

Some toner that I use makes my skin feel really dry, but this toner does not feel that way. It contains 90% Aloe Vera which is awesome. It does not make my skin dry at all. Plus, my skin still feel hydrated after applying it. 

This cream is dope. It moisturise my skin really well without making it oily. The smell is so good too. Although after applying it will get little bit oily, but after it fully absorbed my skin feel hydrated again. Highly recommended for dry skin!

This pore mask is to remove pore-clogging, control oils, firming and also tightening pores. I only tried this once and I am already in love with it. 

This face mask is to peel away your blemishes and also remove pore-clogging. My skin feels fresh and clean after using it. For those who has sensitive and dry skin, I do not recommend this for you as it can make your skin become flake. 

That is all for my skincare review. If you want me to do a skincare routine, please leave a comment down below. Have a nice day!


  1. Replies
    1. I don't like the sticky feeling xD but after reading your post I think I should moisturize religiously ^^;

    2. Yea somehow I agree because some moisturisers memang sticky gila after applying it, but this one is super absorbable!

  2. Awesome..thank for share really I like your post.

  3. hey, wanna ask, does the cleanser simple product contain paraben?

    1. Yes, it contains paraben but now they had introduced new paraban-free simple skincare products. You can read more here:

    2. Thank u for ur enlightments ;)

  4. I should try the toner and shea butter cream, thanks for the recommendation

    1. The toner is mild and very gentle once you put on your skin. Sure babe, you should give a try on 'em! :)

  5. I used himalaya but the moisturiser is quite thick i think. maybe it not suitable for me.

    1. I have never used Himalaya's moisturiser before. Is it really thick? But this Shea Butter from Nature Republic is the bom dot com!

  6. Scientific studies have shown many similar 100% pure naturally occurring ingredients that can be used in skincare products to avoid the necessity of using chemicals and other suspect or dangerous ingredients.
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