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As I scroll down my latest photos in my camera roll, I thought that I'd be doing some throwback from my previous life. Too much ramblings about beauty, movie and blogging. So now I'm going to let you guys catch a glimpse of my life.

August 6
Me and family (plus makngah and pakngah) were celebrating Ikima's 4th Birthday. If you guys wonder who Ikima is, she is one of my little cousins. We went to Hilton Hotel, KL as my aunt stayed there for about 3/4 days? I'm not really sure. After that, we went to NU Sentral and celebrate the birthday there. We had lunch together and it was fun. Best thing about having quality time with my family member is that I feel like I was back in my hometown, where everyone was there and enjoyed every single second. My aunt and her family live in Penang so we don't see each other often. Okay I really miss my hometown.

August 13
It was like a double-date. I guess? Haha. Me and my friends (boyfriend, Nafisa and Afiq to be precise) went out to have lunch at Mr. Dakgalbi in Damansara. I have heard a lot of good reviews about this restaurant so I wanted to give a try and see what was so great that people were buzzing about.

To me, it was pretty good but not great. I mean, the rice tasted like normal rice you could have on any mamak restaurants or even tasted like any of your mothers cooked. Hahaha. The ramen is delicious and it was actually tasted like Korean Spicy Ramen Noodle except it was not spicy. Overall, okay la.

Sorry, no pictures of the boys haha

August 14
I watched Suicide Squad for the second time because I've been forcing to. Kidding. I was willing to watch. It was an awesome day out with family and again, cousins. I hang out a lot with cousins especially when it comes to movies. We were like already planning to watch movie and rearranged our schedule when best movies come out in the cinema. After that we had lunch at the best cheese naan restaurant ever in KL.

August 15

I had lunch with my beloved boyfriend at Boat Noodle, Ikon, Cheras. We've had our typical couple lunch date like we usually had and of course I love everything about having lunch with my boyfriend. I mean, who doesn't? I actually craved for Boat Noodle for a long time because I haven't eat that since I couldn't remember.

August 21
My highlight of the week. It was a girls day out with my ex-classmates when I was back in KMS. We went to Midvalley Megamall, five people including me. We had so much fun on that day. I was so excited to see them again after about 4 months of not seeing each other. We did all the typical girls would do when they went outing with their girlfriends in a mall. We had lunch and shopping afterwards. It was totally a day well spent. (but RIP my money).


  1. Can't help but expressing how beautiful u are haha! Alamak tetibe terliur nak makan boat noodles

    1. You are so sweet, thank you! but trust me I'm just average. Haha sorry for making you crave for it :p

  2. Yummy..yummy..happy day for U and Family.

  3. hi dayana is that you ? a braces lady?
    you are so pretty :)

    1. Haha yea I'm the one who is wearing braces. Thank you but i'm just average :)


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