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What's in my bag - 2016

Hello guys and gals!

Today's post is all about the bag. If you haven't read my 2015 Edition, click HERE. I know this is kinda cliche but why not? I'm also planning to do this more in upcoming years Insha Allah. It cannot be denied that I love to watch What's In My Bag videos on YouTube. Also, it is kinda interesting to see what other people bring in their handbags. *I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

If you have been following my blog you may have notice that for this year's edition, I go with a little bit different from last year's. Obviously, the handbag of course. This year I go with a bigger size bag and I also bring different items in it. It is funny because in my old edition, I was saying that I don't really like handbags buuuuut look at me now. I mean, people change right? I want to give a try on something new. So this is basically me rummaging through my handbag to show you everything that I carry on it:

This is what you see when opening my bag

This is the overview of everything in my bag


1. Kipling purse. I know it looks kinda filthy but what can I do I've been using this since form 4. I should probably wash it BUT I got no time for that.
2. 2016 Edition TYPO Planner.
3. Winxclub mirror/comb.
4. Rayban.
5. A pen.
6. Pineng Powerbank.
7. Aqua Kiss fragrance from Victoria's Secret.
8. Earphone.
9. Maybeline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear BB Stick.
10. re-nu MultiPlus lubricating & rewetting drops for soft contact lens.
11. REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme' 130 Rose Velvet.
12. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC19 Cannes.
13. Guardian Plastic Plasters.
14. Gaviscon Double Action. In case if I'm having trouble for ingestion.
15. Tissue.

Close up

Since I was in Kindergarten

If you guys wonder why I'm inserting the sampul duit raya that includes money in it, it's because I want to give it to someone. As you can see, the amount is too little since I just started and if you notice, this one does not pops out in my recent pictures because those pictures was taken last week. 

Anyway I started to do this because my parents had advice me to do so. This is actually for those who needed. I mean if I go out and see people who may need some money desperately, this is surely for them. It doesn't have to be many, just a little amount would be great and the most important is your niat to give them. This is also a part of sedekah. 

I think that is all for now. Till my next post xx


  1. I remember your winxclub comb from previous whats in your handbag, i need to get something like that since it is small n took less space

    1. You noticed? haha. Yeah you totally should. It's like 2 in 1 and so easy to bring!

  2. Omg,! I love your bag :D what brand is that?

    awhhh you save some money to give to someone who need money desperately. Your parents are so nice, they think about others and teach you to do the same thing :) I should the same too I guess. There's so many homeless people here in the USA but I only give them once becauce I don't have small notes.

    1. Thanks Claudy!! It's from AR by Alfio Raldo. Haha yea my parents always thought me to do nice things and I'm thankful enough for that. You really should! It helps those who needed. In Malaysia also there's so many people you know, jual kerepek tepi jalan or datang jual keropok dekat kita masa tengah makan dekat restaurant or something. There's too many. Sometimes I got teary eyes looking at them. Ada yang orang dah warga emas pun jual. I feel so sad. By giving a little help won't hurt anybody in fact who knows rezeki kita comes next :) Good deeds will always give you good returns :D


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