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Writer's Block + Blog Post Ideas

Hey guys and gals!

I know it has been a week I did not update any post. I just want you guys to know that I am having a super duper awesome week AND technically I have been avoiding to write in purpose because I am having a WRITER'S BLOCK. Yes. What is exactly a writer's block? It is known as a lack of inspiration or to be exact, a situation that we literally don't know what to post. Writing a blog can be really time consuming and very disappointed. So it takes gut to search for post-ideas and I must say it is not that easy.

Since I have been googling and going through some blog post ideas so I think why don't I share it with you guys, just in case if you are having the same problem as I do. I hope some of you will find these helpful!

If you notice, I have never post anything about food before but Insha Allah someday when it comes the spirit to cook, I will share it with you guys.

1. Idea for a date night/meal for two.
2. Your favourite spots to eat.
3. A list of your favourite food bloggers.
4. Healthy meal.
5. Your favourite recipe.
6. Your food diary.
7. Cheap ideas for weekday dinner.
8. 5 restaurants/cafes that you guys look up to.
9. Do a recipe for a nice comfort meal.
10. Top 5 restaurants/cafes that people must try.

When it comes to beauty, the possibilities are truly endless and the best part is you are not limited to only write about product reviews!

1. Product review.
2. Your favourite/holy grail products.
3. Every day make up routine.
4. Make up tutorial.
5. Skincare routine.
6. DIY beauty treatment.
7. Round up of your favourite blogs/bloggers/YouTube channel.
8. Beauty wishlist.
9. Best products to bring with when you're travelling.
10. Favourite make up gurus.

Similar to food and beauty, you are not just limited to post about OOTD's.

1. Write about your style icon.
2. 10 ways to style.
3. Hijab tutorial.
4. Fashion/accessories haul.
5. Favourite designer/clothing store.
6. Tips for shopping.
7. Do a budget outfit post.
8. OOTD.
9. Style wishlist.
10. Style evolution.

Lifestyle blogs are probably amongst some of my favourites to read. I enjoy seeing little glimpses of other people's life.

1. Book review.
2. Life in a day.
3. Do a fun tag.
4. Places you want to visit.
5. What you did this weekend.
6. Host a giveaway.
7. Talk about morning routine.
8. Any tips about life.
9. Favourite outdoors activity.
10. Night routine.

Sometimes you have to make a sneak peak about your personal life to make your readers feel interested to read. You don't have to share your secrets, but maybe by sharing a personal story, you will find some of your readers can relate to you and thus can spark some interesting discussions.

1. Write about something you overcame.
2. Note-to-self-post.
3. Bucket list.
4. Write about dreams of your future.
5. Write about your blog.
6. Share a funny/weird story.
7. How do you stay creative?
8. Express your opinion on something.
9. Write about your pet.
10. Q&A post.
11. Talk about your tough time and how you deal with it.
12. Share the best piece of advice given to you by someone else.

Have you ever having writer's block? and what do you think about these blog post ideas? you may include your ideas too in the comment box below. I would love to know :)


  1. Lately.. saya pun macam akak. Walaupun dah baca idea2 ni. tetap.. tetap masih kejung nak menulis apa. HAHAHA. T__T

  2. I see some pretty awesome ideas!

  3. sometimes i dont know whether should i blog on something i like or i sometimes i feel like there's a lot of other blogger who wrote something common, so i end up not writing it

    1. I once feel that too. This is common I think. I advice you to search some creative ideas on blogging to make as inspiration :)


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