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Lights On

I know that I have been putting off blogging for awhile, presumably it is because of the hectic month and to be sure I have been avoiding to check on my blog because it is so sad to see it is not functioning haha. I'm not going to post anything new since I am currently working on clearing all my drafts. I have been waiting for so long for my mid semester break and here I am!! 11 days of break. It is the only time to catch up with fam, friends and love. Trust me, 11 days are so not enough.

Uni craziness aside, I want to make an appreciation post about my special person who to be exact, not seeing me for more than one month. It is craaazyyy for being a part with him for this long. I miss him terribly. Imagine my life when I was in high school, I would see him every single day. Then when I went to matriculation, I only see him during weekend. And now, I don't have any chance to see him that much since he is studying in Melaka and I am studying in Pahang. Maybe once in three weeks :(

The night before I went to the UMP, we decided to go to the Light Sensations in Serdang. Everything was so beautiful that night. I expected more on the light sensations, but actually it was fine though. They had food trucks for people to eat, had a ferris wheel for people to enjoy the impressive lightning, and fun games too. It was one good night.

If you are reading this (you know who you are), just want to say that te extra├▒o tanto. 

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