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Fun Tag: Random Facts About Me

I had this weird thought about doing this because I ended up convincing myself that no one would ever care about random things having to do with me. Recently I've had re-reading this idea and somehow I must have convinced myself that someone may read this so I listed down 20.

Perhaps it may help you to get to know me better and also built a relationship with my readers and blogger friends. So get yourself a cup of coffee and put on your fav music and read my not so fantastic facts haha.

#1. I am terrified of thunderstorm. Yes. Whenever it was raining heavily with thunderstorm, I just wanted to stay in a room (with no window) so that I could not hear nor see the thunder's coming.

#2. I hate waiting. For me, time is priceless. Time is gold. Every seconds count. Time wasting can really annoys me.

#3. I walk super fast. This started to happen when I was in Matriculation where time was our biggest enemy. And this time also I have learnt to appreciate every second in life. My time management had improved since then. Oh and I forgot to add; I hate walking behind slow walker.

#4. I love cheese. When it comes to cheese, gosh they're so tempting! I could not go a week without consuming cheese. I know it contains lots of calories but nah I don't really care because cheese is my life.

#5. I love telling stories. It could take me like hours to do so because I would include every detail that you might want to know.

#6. I am a list maker. I listed down everywhere and for everything.

#7. I prefer listening to 80's/90's songs. It's not like I didn't like new era songs but for me old songs were beautifully written and meaningful. I grew up listening to them because of my parents. They would always buy the CD's and had played them in the car.

#8. I hate smokers. Either girls or guys. The reasons why I hate it because 1. I have asthma. 2. I think it is rude to smoke in public especially in restaurant. We come to the restaurant to eat, if you want to smoke then go somewhere else lah. You know how bad smoking is? You know how much it effects people in your surrounding? ( I get super sensitive when it comes to this topic)

#9. I love talking politics. But never ever plan that one day I will be involve with it.

#10. I want to visit Greece and Turkey. Maybe on honeymoon? Hahaha.

#11. The first concert I went was Justin Bieber My world Tour in Stadium Merdeka. The second time was at MTV Worldstage in Sunway Surf Beach (just to see Bieber). I was a fanatic fan back then.

#12. I don't watch K-dramas or anything that related to "K" except for Running Man. But Gary :(

#13. I can't believe I'll be turning 20 next year. Times flies like an arrow ambiguity. I wish I was 16 again.

#14. I love to ask questions. I have a curiosity that can't be cure. And I love to debate.

#15. I don't eat vegetables. But taugeh is the worst.

#16. My ultimate beverages are plain water, cold fresh milk and any kind of coffee. I don't drink carbonated drinks.

#17. I have been on surgery. Guess which part?

#18. I thought of filming a vlog. But I have super busy schedule and I am scared if I can't finish filming + editing on time. This is strongly shown in my blog hah!

#19. I have trouble to make decisions quickly. At least I need 15 minutes to think. Pros and cons, what is the outcome, what will happen if this and that and so on. Cerewet.

#20. My personality can be all over the place.

- I tag whoever read this and if you want to ask any questions don't hesitate to ask! I would love to respond :)


  1. #17. appendix eh? haha. btw dayana, erin dah move to wordpress tau. for latest update, just refollow blog erin dekat blogger :)

    1. Nope! Hehe. I know and oh my Erin punya blog tak pernah tak cantik. Oh okay baru nak comment tanya macam mana nak dapat update dari blog Erin xD

  2. finally you buat jugak 😄 btw, i can relate #3 though. there are times where we walk slow (e.g shopping) but most of the time memang walk super fast hahaha

    1. Yes, after reading yours! Omg kan? Memang tak boleh langsung ikut belakang slow walker sebab Dayana memang jenis yang kejar masa. Sometimes orang lain fade up sebab kena tinggal kat belakang hahaha

  3. #8. My father don't smoke. He forbids people who wants to smoke inside the house so I was raised by a non smoking environment. That's why I hate it when we need to balik kampung because man! every single pakcik in my parents' side smoke.

    I hope my future husband is not a smoker

    1. Same goes to me. My father doesn't smoke either. Even my relatives don't smoke. Ada pun sorang dua je tapi tu pun tak smoke depan kitorang. Hahaha what can we do right. Nak berhenti merokok bukan senang.

      I'm hoping for the same thing!

  4. Don't have to wait for honeymoon to go to Greece and Turkey. Just go!

    1. Yessss I need to start saving from now on. But it will be more fun if I go with future husband hahaha

  5. #3 I walk super fast too xD This started to happen when I was 18 I guess. Travel to some places, ikut mom and stepdad. My mom walk so fast kat airport, terkejar2. since then, claudy suka jalan laju hahaha

    1. Hahaha high five! Bestnya Claudy banyak travel. Actually jalan laju best boleh jimat banyak masa :D

  6. Hi Dayana..Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post..keep in touch from Indonesia.

    1. Hi Noey! Greetings from Malaysia. Thanks for your compliment :)


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