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SGshop [Review + Unboxing]

Who doesn't like to shop? People will never get enough and never satisfy for what they are having, right? I guess that is just a common life problem. Couple of months before, I have received an email to do a collaboration again! This time is with SGshop. Before I start my review, I just want to share a bit about what is actually a SGshop?

SGshop is the most reliable and cost effective Tabao Agent since 2011. They provide safety, cheap price and outstanding service. SGshop serves the Malaysia and Singapore market. If you are looking for ways to save more money from buying on Tabao as a buyer who is living outside China, then SGshop it is!

SGshop is Tabao agent for people who lives in Malaysia and Singapore. It offers two types of agent services which are, "Buy for me" and "Ship for me". For Buy For Me, they will buy the Tabao item on behalf of you and takes all the responsibilities of arranging the desired items which means that they will help you to buy from Tabao. For Ship For Me, you are purchasing directly from e-site such as (get the shipping address by proceeding "ship for me-China address) then submit your orders' details on our "ship for me" page.

Here are the items that I purchased.

1. Makeup brush set.
2. Face cleansing brush.
3. Beauty Blender.

This is the highlight of my items. FYI, this is my first time ever having my own makeup brush set. Before this, I'm just using a beauty blender to make sure that I apply my makeup evenly. So I get a little excited for this part and can't wait to play them around!

I have been eyeing for this item for quite a long time. I was in dilemma to choose whether I should buy the electronic one or the manual one. Since I am new to this kind of stuff, so I thought that I should take a baby step and purchase this and not just jump to the extreme electronic face cleanser. 
The brush is super soft. When I first try it, I notice that my skin feel extra clean. It really helps to deep cleanse my face and at the same time does not ruin my skin.

Everyone knows how expensive a beauty blender is. I grab this because my heart if full of heaviness to buy a new one with my money and because I want to renew my beauty blender. Adios, old beauty blender.

This is an extra items that I have received. It comes along with my makeup brush set. 

How to use SGshop?

About the payment, they are two payments when you shopping with SGshop. The first payment is product price and domestic shipping fee (if there is any). The second payment is international shipping fee + service fee + clearance fee. Payment can be made via internet banking, bank or ATM transfer, PayPal, eNets, and credit card. A transaction fee will be charge.

Shipping and service fees
You can refer to this link.

Promo code and discount
SGshop has a membership program that enables you to enjoy discount.

Overall, I enjoy shopping at SGshop. If you are looking for a good quality product with super duper cheaper price then SGshop it is! It really worth your money, trust me.


  1. That beauty blender is sooooo cute! Yeahh will shop them soon.

    1. Yes, I buy the medium size one. Hehe yeay!

  2. that makeup brush set tho~

    I love to shop too. Also, i just baught my very first makeup brush set last week. and seriously, i need to stay away from Amazon because I spent more than $200 within two weeks. *my back acc is crying*

    1. It's cute right! Hahaha typical girls problem. I have never buy anything from Amazon because I'm scared I might spent a lot since it is in USD plus the shipping cost :(

    2. It is! hahaha

      Amazon prices are so cheap that I don't even realized I spent too much haha. and I don't think amazon do shipping to Malaysia tho bc I tried to purchase something when i'm in Malaysia.

    3. Really? That's sad! :(

      but that's okay there is a lot of online shops out there that ship to Malaysia right. Even Malaysia also has their own online market place :D

  3. I like your blog. It is neat & nice :)


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