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7 things for 2017

Hey guys! Okay let me put this together again. First and foremost, I want to apologise for not blogging in a long period. For those who asks, I really appreciate for your concern and loyalty towards my blog. Big heart to you guys. Trust me, I miss blogging too. I will try my best to blog frequently this month. Just so you know, my semester break just begun. I will be having my holiday season till 13th of February. One month ++ of holiday and I'm the happiest girl in the world (for now). My plan for this whole month is to finish my unread novels, catching up with my long lost friends, spending time with the fam and of course, with love. Chinese New Year is coming up, my birthday is coming up and I'm so excited!

I was downcast last month (or last year) because I did not had a chance to go shopping when there was a huge annual sale. I mean, how can you not avoid the biggest annual sale in Malaysia? Christmas sale + New Year Sale + End Year sale.. CRAZY.

This year, I have new resolutions just like others. I have a hella long list for my resolutions this year and of course some of them are personal and I may not share it hear but, in this post I will share 7 things that I want to do in 2017.

1. Revamp my blog.
As stated in my recent post, I'm currently working on changing my blog skin. I'm having a difficult time on finding a new template because let's face it, there are a lot amazing templates online and it is so hard to choose plus I'm a very choosy person.

2. Be more healthy.
My eating habit is not healthy at all. I'm a person who eats what I want. I eat whatever I like and whenever I feel like to eat. I don't eat vegetables so I'm lacking of vitamins. My new goal to achieve this year is taking supliment to replace the deficiency of nutrients in my body. I also want to exercise more and eat clean food.

3. Save money.
This sounds cheesy but I really need to start saving money for real this time. I know it is hard to keep the enthusiasm months after I've swept up the confetti, but it's not impossible right?

4. Business plan.
I'm so keen about having my own business line. Business is something that I want to do since in primary school. Even though it is not the main job that I want to do in the future, but I still want to own a business. I think it is good for my future as I want to do it as a part time job.

5. Read more.
I read several books in 2016 and it was enjoyable. This year I'm targeting to finish all my unread books that I bought in previous year. I will start with the books that I bought at the Big Bad Wolf.

6. Be an adult.
This year I'm turning 20. So, no more "teen" for me as I'll becoming a young adult. Throughout my 19 years of living, I've learnt so much. And this year, it's time for me to be more independent. I'm a bit surprise when I know that next month I will be renewing my license which, I will get the real license. It has been two years of driving with P. Time flies..

7. Ace in education.
As a student, I think this is what everyone wants or needs. My aim is to get good results (dean) in every semester, amin.

So, what is your resolution for 2017? :)


  1. Welcome back.. ^^
    Happy new year to you and hopefully you could achieve all of your resolutions.. :3

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too :D

      InshaAllah, Amin!! :)

  2. Goodluck, Dayana. May you achieve all your dreams 😊

  3. Lamanya cuti Dayana! best lah cuti sebulan hihi

    also, #1,#2,#3, #5 and #6. jom sama2 achieve our resolutions xD

    1. Yes, cuti semester hehe. Jom! Hope you can achieve 'em this year :D

  4. good luck dear & congrats on becoming young adult!

    1. Thank you so much! <3
      May all your goals come true as well :)

  5. your new blog layout looks nice xD


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