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Hello, Blog.

I KNOW. It has been about 2 months I didn't write. Not to mention reading the latest reading lists. My second semester of Degree had no chill. 18 credit hours and well, assignments were over the top. I can't blame on studies anyway it is my main priority. But I really miss blogging! It is a total lie if I don't even have the urge to blog. I did try to blog so many times over the past two months but I always being bothered by my assignments.

Assignments and busy life aside, I just had my mid semester break last week. Only 1 week of break and I already started my class last Monday. During the break, I went to a trip to Japan with my family. It was my first time going to Japan so I was thrilled. Three countries in Asia were crossed out in my bucket list eep! I will definitely write a post about my trip soon.

So far, April has been good. I go home a lot these days. Mostly every week. I know Pahang and KL is far but who cares. I love to be surrounded by my family and boyfriend. I will meet my boyfriend whenever I'm going home even though he studies in Melaka. He comes home every week so I have a chance to see him during the weekend. My family and I spend most of our quality times during weekend too. We usually have lunch and dinner outside. My mom would call it "cooking-duty off days". Duh. Sometimes we go watch movie together, visiting relatives etc etc like normal family do. See, now you see why I want to go home every week. It is my stress relief day. Too much joy, less pressure.

        My snag posts in my draft box:

  • What's in my bag 2017 Edition
  • How I Prevent Skin From Drying
  • What's In My School Bag (Uni Edition)
  • What's In My Travel Makeup Bag
  • Trip To Japan
  • Drugstore Makeup Tutorial
  • Hijab Tutorial

Which one should I go first?


  1. I go for "What's in my bag 2017 Edition" ! Suka baca benda macam ni ahahah. Update plisshhh :D

    1. Haha no doubt I pun suka baca ni dekat blog orang! x)

      InshaAllah I will write a post about it soon.

  2. Welcome back, Dayana! I would love to read What's In My Bag 2017 Edition from you 😊

    1. Haha I miss blogging so much. I will post about it soon! :D