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Shop At Ezbuy

Hey gals! Have you heard about an online shopping website called Ezbuy? I tell you what, once you click to their website you will definitely going to spend at least one hour scrolling what they sell. Here I'm going to explain about what is exactly Ezbuy do and why you should shop at their website.

About Ezbuy
Ezbuy Malaysia owned by EZbuy Holdings Limited, is a dedicated provider of professional online shopping services, which has evolved to now include our own global shopping platform.

Their Services
Shopping on ezbuy is so EZ! Plus you get to enjoy up to 4 times of savings and a huge selection of products from the millions of items we offer. 

Why is shopping on Ezbuy easy, cheaper and faster?

This is simply because they bring in a great variety of trendy goods from all over the world to you directly, transforming the way you shop! You can now shop ‘overseas’ without actually having to take a plane all the while still enjoying an authentic local shopping experience, indulged by the myraid of choices, convenience and huge savings that they bring to you.

When you choose to buy items on that are marked with the ezbuy label, you will only have to make payment once. The payment includes the price of the item, international shipping fee and local delivery fee. On the other hand, they inspect the product to ensure its quality and repack the parcel by removing excess packaging to make it less bulky, hence lowering the cost of local postage fees borne by you. 

Prime is a membership programme which guarantee your shipping fee to be fixed at a flat rate of RM8.80 regardless of parcel size, weight and quantity of items bought per checkout. Prime Labels are clearly marked on all Prime eligible items, with the Prime icon shown on the product page, ensuring easy identification. Prime membership is priced affordably at RM188 for a 1 year period, and users can get a trial for 5 days at only RM18.80. Our Prime members can also enjoy being able to put up to 42 items on their Prime wishlist if those items they want to purchase are not marked as a Prime item yet. Lastly,

Ezbuy Categories
When you click at the website, you can see the categories at the left side. They also have sub categories so that it will be more easy to choose an item that you want! The categories are: Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Toys, Mother & Kids, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Home & Garden, Beauty & Health, Sports & Outdoors, Office & Stationery, Automotive, Mobiles & Tablets.

Trending Collections
Below are three of our currently trending collections.

K-Pop Fever
K-pop fever has hit our shores roughly seven years ago with many Malaysians falling for all things K. The fervour is real and still rages on today, with no symptoms of it slowing down.

 What do K-pop enthusiasts eat? As if the answer isn’t obvious enough. K-food – of course! Ezbuy has a dedicated Korean Snack Shop, with products stocked directly from Korea. It’s gonna so convenient now for you to shop for these snacks, instant noodles and beverages online, without having to make a trip down to the Korean mart in the city.

Korean Fashion Brands
This is for all the girls out there who badly wanna be Malaysia’s version of Song Hye Kyo. You can now style yourself head to toe in K-fashion garb and let the flood of compliments in. What’s even better is that these pieces of clothing (tops, skirts, dresses and more) are so reasonably-priced that you’ll have no qualms purchasing more than you originally wish for!

Korean Beauty Brand
You live and breathe all things Korean, clad head to toe in Korean-style clothes too. So how can you skip this crucial step of beautifying yourself with Korean cosmetics? Our selection of cosmetic items comes from more than five Korean beauty brands and includes a wide range of makeup and skin care products.

Bride & Groom Fashion
With our extensive curation of bridal gowns and dresses, coupled with tuxedo sets and menswear for grooms, you can now be your own wedding planner! Planning for your wedding day doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Besides wedding apparel, we also offer wedding shoes as well as many other related wedding paraphernalia such as wedding decoration and accessories.

Maternity Wear Collection. Be a fashionable hot mama!
For expectant mothers, look to our maternity wear collection! Having a baby on the way doesn’t mean you need to dress frumpy. Our fashionable maternity wear picks will delight you! In addition, we also offer baby and kids’ clothing, shoes. Our other products in this comprehensive category range from baby strollers & carriers, toys to baby care and feeding equipment.

Featured Brands (Top 5 Trending Brands)

Haoduoyi brings us various collections of the latest trending European-style outfits including dresses, tops, t-shirts, bottoms and outerwear.

What’s in Alcestis chic casual range of clothing items: funky streetwear staples, tops, bottoms and dresses.

This seller is known for minimalist accessories, consisting of earrings, hair accessories, rings, bracelets, necklaces and many other products.

Stylish men’s bags can be quite hard to find. With Xiao.P.Bag, you are looking at a range of stylish men’s bags in different cuts such as backpack, sling, handbag, pouch along with their collection of wallets.

Dou Ma De Xing Fu Sheng Huo is a 5-star Taobao shop which specialises in pet supplies for dogs. They also have pet apparel, daily essentials and other pet accessories on their product catalog.

Voucher for my lovely readers!
With every registration you sign up with ezbuy, a RM15 voucher will be awarded to you! Sign up now and the voucher will be yours. So what are you waiting for? -\

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