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Trip To Japan

Japan is one of the places that I long wanted to visit. Best mountain scenery, incredible cuisine and of course a long history of culture and tradition. I went to a part Japan named Hokkaido, with my family members including my grandma. It was a super last minute plan trip. At first we planned to go to Korea since my mom was desperately wanted to visit Nami Island in Spring season. But then something went wrong and we had to cancelled our plan. Three weeks later my dad surprised us with tickets to Japan and I was at Uni at that time. I rushed back home on that weekend to renew my passport. A week later, we flew to Japan.

April 2, 2017

We arrived at The New Chitose Airport at 8.34 AM. It was a one night flight and it took about 7 hours to arrive. We bought Hokkaido's famous cheese tart at the airport and the taste was marvellous. After that we took the JR to get to our apartment which was about 1 hour to get there. We stayed in a town called Kotoni located in Sapporo. After we put our luggage, we had lunch. At 1.46 PM, we went on a ride for cable car at Mount Moiwa. The view was amazingly beautiful.

April 3, 2017

Our day started with an impromptu visit to the nearest clinic from our apartment. My grandma forgot to bring her medicine and she felt unwell at that time so we took for a while to get her meds because it was so hard to find. (But she managed to go through her day by walking all the way, so congrats grandma.) One thing that I don't really like about Japan is their people doesn't know how to speak English. It was hard to communicate with them. Regardless, they were so friendly. Google translate is a must have app when you travel to Japan.

After my dad finished dealing with the doctor and stuffs, we went to Maruyama Park and took gazillion of pictures. We also went to Sapporo Stellar Place. It's a shopping slash subway station slash JR station. On that evening, we visited Hokkaido University. Later at night, we had our dinner at the best halal ramen restaurant. I expected that they serve fried ramen but they didn't. Also, it was quite hard to find halal food there. Even though we already did some research and listed down every halal restaurants in Sapporo, but some of the restaurants were closed.

At the clinic lol

The day that finally warmer


Stellar Place at night

April 4, 2017

A day visited to Historical Village of Hokkaido. It was an interesting place to visit where I got so many informative knowledges about Hokkaido in early BC. The places that caught my attention were the college and hostel.

Their hostel

April 5, 2017

On that day we decided to go farther from our place so we went to Otaru. Otaru is a bit warmer compared in Sapporo. We took pictures at the must visit spot in Otaru which at Otaru Canal Cruise and made some Korean friends over there haha. I also got my own customised pin. The old man that made my pin was very nice and it only took about 3 minutes to finish!

Excuse my eyes

April 6, 2017

The last day to shop and visit the places that we didn't get to visit yet. That time around, we didn't travel by subway but we had our own driver for a day which was the generous owner of the apartment that we rented named, Daisuke. We went for a ride again at the Sapporo Ferris Wheel. The fun part was the Ferris Wheel located at the 7th floor of the building. Sounds scary but not at all haha. It is an entertainment building that has bowling, gaming area, haunted house, stores that sell anime stuffs and many more. That night, we had our dinner at Dawat Cafe which they served the best chicken curry and briani ever! I must say that the taste was way better than in Malaysia, seriously. And of course, it is halal. The owner was very friendly. I would rate 5 stars for this restaurant.

View from the Ferris Wheel

April 7, 2017

It was the day we flew back to Malaysia. Our flight was at 9AM and so we didn't do much and busy with packing and stuffs like that. Overall, Japan was awesome and I would definitely come back.


  1. otaru looks so beautiful. I plan to go to hokkaido this summer and after seeing your pictures make me want to just go here right now lol

    1. Yes, indeed! Oh, that's amazing! Hokkaido is such a lovely place to visit :D


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