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Turning Point

It's been ages I didn't write. What I meant by ages was I failed to blog in May and June. Years seem to have past between these two months. So much has happened. I couldn't even remember when was the last time I laid in bed while going through my laptop for random reading. I don't know, I just have not had a moment to write until today. I missed to write.

Talking about turning point, here is the view. Turning point is where you begin to see things more clearly and are more willing to see things more clearly, to be more honest with yourself about your engagement with people and about your plans and goals, and even eventually about your fundamental beliefs, which are rarely questioned. This turning point is born of suffering.

This year has become my turning point of life as a young adult. A lot of things happened around me and most probably happening to me. Honestly I don't know where to start but to cut it short, I feel like this world is being really cruel and merciless. Everything seems so unfair to me. But then I found this interesting phrase;

The world isn't cruel lad. It never was. It is just a combination of Human Psychology affecting daily activities in our Human Society. We're all driven by self-interests, with shades of emotions. 

That's the basic truth. People say that life is unfair, but actually life has been fair to us (most of us). It is not fair to be happy all the time. Usually the happiness will come after the sadness. If you enjoy His blessings, you must also accept His trials. That's just how it is. And when you envy the blessings of others, remember their trials.

So what had happened to me was a huge trial. A really big one. I have never ever felt like this before. I used to be so positive towards life. Very positive that when people hurt me I would say "nah, let's just forgive them because everyone deserves second chances." and I would end up with giving them third chances, and then fourth.. fifth.. But not today, not this year. 2017 has been a tough year for me.

Yes, I do laugh when it comes to joke but you know, that kind of laugh that is not a genuine laugh and it will fade right away when the moment you stop smiling. So, when I think again maybe because I was too positive that I can't be too positive. I was too good to people that actually I can't be too good to them. I know everything happens for a reason and I think this is one of the reasons.

I make up my mind that it is time for a fresh start. I finally realise that it is time for me to step out of my comfort zone and find myself back again but on the right track.

Anyway, I hope that it is not too late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all my muslim friends around the whole wide world. Hope you have a wonderful Hari Raya with your love ones! x

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