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About Me

The Girl
Her full name is Nur Dayana Batrisyia Binti Khairul Anuar. She is 20 years young and currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a food lover and love love loveeee to read. Dayana would love to travel the world and it is one of her life goals that is absolutely need to be done before she gets uh... old.

The Blog
I have been blogging since 2010 but decided to delete all my posts and i have also deleted my old blog and started to make a new one. This blog is all about well, you can check out on my categories.

English is not my first language so excuse any of my broken english, grammatical errors and for not putting the right words on my writing. Trust me, i am trying though.

The Future
At this time, I am currently enrolled in Bachelor of Project Management with hons at The Malaysian University of Pahang. I hope that one day i will get the chance to study abroad InshaAllah. Later on, I plan to get married when i finish my degree. But it will be GREAT if i get married early. Like the sooner the better, right? HAHA don't judge. I hope my dreams will come true and also will achieve my life goals. Amin.


  1. may all ur wishes come true pretyy girl! :) <3
    btw how to follow u on this blog T_T

    1. Aww thank you!! Oh sorry for make it hard to follow since I did not put my follow button. Here some other way to follow (just in case you don't know):

      1. Go to your home.
      2. On the left side tu ada button "add" and click it.
      3. Copy my url and paste it.
      4. You are done!

  2. may your wishes come true baby girl *hugs*

  3. you are very nice! are the cover blog post photos your's?
    (im sorry for the bad English:))

    1. Hi! Thank you Fathima.

      No, its okay! Some are mine and some are not. I get the stock photos every month by subscribing to some websites :)

  4. hi, how did you make your own website without the '' thingy, lol. hope you understand. btw, i enjoy your blog and keep updating. ;)

    1. Hello :)

      Haha I get it. My blog is based on blogger. At first memang "" but then I switch to my own domain. I purchased my domain from a website. Ada banyak website yang awak boleh purchase untuk domain. If you want me to list them down let me know okay! Btw thank you so much for reading my blog <3


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